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AIPAI  Photo Contest 2022

European cities, especially Italian ones, show the signs of a centuries-old heritage stratification that goes beyond the boundaries of industrial revolutions. Productive vocations preserved over centuries or millennia, the prolonged exploitation of natural resources, the incredible longevity of infrastructures or hydraulic works supporting production - first artisan and then industrial -organized - are widespread features of our territory that place the Industrial Heritage at the center of the interest of the histories - economic, construction, architecture, city - and government, planning, project, and entrepreneurial initiatives.

In AIPAI Photo Context, we propose a photographic contest with the aim of raising awareness and promoting the culture of industry, the memory of work, the architectural, technological and landscape heritage of industrial archeology




Fabio Piccioni

con il progetto Land of Mines



Fabio Oggero

con il progetto L'area EX CAI – Cementi alta Italia a Casale Monferrato (AL)

Francisco Jose Rodríguez Marín

con il progetto Memoirs of a mill




Guido Rosato

Mariano De Angelis

Claudio Zanirato

Amalia Violi

Eleonora Ledda

Mirco Pandolfi

Davide Ferrera

Martina Russo

Eleonora Tomassini

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